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A look back at the Codecov security incident

Codecov is a code coverage solution, that lets software developers find untested code, and helps developers ensure the quality of the code in production. Codecov offers continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) assistance, code review, collaboration, and other software development tools and services in addition to code coverage analysis.

On April 2021, the Codecov platform went through a massive security incident. Attackers were able to alter the Codecov bash uploader script and gather private data from Codecov users.  As soon as Codecov detected the breach, it started an investigation. Customers were informed of the event, and given instructions on how to determine whether the attackers had gained access to their information.

Here is what followed:

    • In order to improve its security posture, Codecov implemented multi-factor authentication, kept an eye on systems for unusual behavior, strengthened its security team, and carried out regular security audits.

    • After this incident, Codecov implemented various security measures to enhance its security posture and ensure the security of its customers' data, including introducing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all user accounts to add an additional layer of security on top of a standard password.

    • In order to identify possible security risks, Codecov now keeps an eye on its systems for any unusual activity, such as unauthorised access attempts and code modifications.

    • To guarantee a more thorough and proactive approach to security, Codecov has increased the size of its security team and introduced new security procedures.

    • To find and fix any possible security flaws, Codecov has committed to performing routine security audits.

    • In order to make sure that all code changes are fully examined for security vulnerabilities before being deployed, Codecov has put in place tougher code review and testing procedures.

    • Customers of Codecov have access to security tools and instructions on how to protect their own environments and Codecov integrations.

The security breach at Codecov provides a timely warning that security must always come first when developing software.

Taking the required actions to strengthen your security posture, and protecting your systems and data if you work in any aspect of software is the cost of doing business. Consider using secure package management platforms (May we recommend Packagecloud, a platform favored by Fortune 500 companies?), making multi-function authentication mandatory for authentications, credentials refreshed periodically, training and educating various stakeholders, as well as conducting regular security audits. An ounce of prevention will save you a pound of heartache and business woes going forward. 

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