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Announcing packagecloud Consulting Services


We receive lots of email requests for help with packaging, build pipelines, automation, and software delivery.

Send us an email for more information on how we can help, initial rates, and availability.


Deb and RPM packaging

We’re experts at creating RPM and Debian packages for a wide range of operating systems that use these packaging types. We have experience dealing with the many intricacies in the various packaging systems. Focus on building your core business while we handle the software packaging.

Packaging your software for on-premise use by customers? We can help.

Build and Release Automation

We have years of production experience designing, debugging, and improving existing build and release automation. We can help increase the speed at which you deliver software, design automation to get your customers up and running quickly, and help implement automated testing of packages to increase the quality of your builds.


Advisory Services

We offer high level advisory services around all things related to software delivery, packaging, build and release automation, systems programming, and debugging.

Reach out via email for more information about our rates and availability!

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