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Announcing packagecloud:enterprise 2.0!


We’re excited to announce the release of our on-premises software packagecloud:enterprise 2.0!

This new release includes a complete UI makeover, numerous performance improvements, support for Node.js packages and NPM registries, improved support for Android packages and much, much more.

packagecloud:enterprise is run and managed by you, on your existing infrastructure, within your existing security controls and policies and is perfect for companies with large workloads or specific requirements around compliance and risk management.

It can be deployed easily on any cloud provider that you currently use (including Amazon AWS), or on physical infrastructure in your existing data center.

Visit the packagecloud:enterprise website to learn more!

New features

Our latest release of packagecloud:enterprise includes all of the following amazing features:

  • A completely redesigned UI to make everything easier and more user friendly!
  • Run and deploy packagecloud:enterprise in your own datacenter, Amazon AWS account, or anywhere else you can spin up infrastructure! It’s run by you, completely under your control, inside your existing infrastructure.
  • Support for Node.JS packages: scoped packages, distribution tags, and more.
  • Support for WARs, JARs, and Android Java packages (APKs, AARs).
  • Support Debian packages: source packages (DSCs) and binary packages.
  • Support for RPM packages.
  • Support for Python packages: source distributions, eggs, and wheels.
  • Support for RubyGem packages.
  • An extensive API providing a unified, consistent interface for publishing packages, issuing credentials, and getting access to analytics and statistics.
  • Integrations for your existing CI/CD system: Travis CI, Jenkins, CircleCI, Buildkite, and more.
  • Integrations for your existing configuration management system: Chef and Puppet.
  • Support for a custom domain, SSL certificate, and GPG key for signing package repositories.
  • Support for numerous features for every package type not offered by any other solution (open source or commercial).
  • And many, many more features.

Visit the packagecloud:enterprise to start a trial today!


Important notes

There are a few important notes about this new release:

  • This will be the last release for Ubuntu Precise (12.04). Customers still using Ubuntu Precise should upgrade as our next release will not support this version of Ubuntu.
  • Existing customers who are using RubyGems should read and follow our Release Notes.
  • Existing customers must upgrade to 1.0.55 prior to upgrading to 2.0.0 – you cannot skip directly to 2.0.0.


Read more

Read our full release notes and our changelog for all the details of this exciting release.

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