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Arrested development: How third-party dependencies can kill your product (Register now!)

We are happy to announce the inaugural edition of the Packagecloud webinar series, a series of live discussions, presentations, Q&As, with the sole goal of making our users more efficient and productive. Here is the registration link. The webinars are free for all. 

Arrested development: How third-party dependencies can kill your product  

Join Donnie Hasseltine, CEO of Packagecloud, and Jason Gilmore, CEO of Treehouse, as they discuss the state of software development and dependencies, and how you can ship software that not only delivers on features, but is also secure and resilient.


Modern software is an amazing technological innovation that drives every aspect of our business, culture, and society. Though open source software has been an amazing element of this success, it brings challenges and risks that can lie unseen in the backend.

This webinar will be a discussion that starts with how modern software development works and the integral part the OSS ecosystem plays. We will then transition to the different ways in which these dependencies can be hijacked, using recent examples of where the software supply chain was attacked. We will also speak about mitigation strategies from secure development practices to establishing and tracking software provenance, and the risks of not understanding what is in your software.

Speaker bios



Jason Gilmore, CEO, Treehouse

Jason Gilmore serves as the CEO of Treehouse, a leading EdTech platform that has taught more than 1.2 million people how to code and design. Prior to joining Treehouse, Jason served as the CTO at DreamFactory Software. Over his 20+ year career in the tech industry, Jason led the development of mission-critical software serving a wide variety of markets, including telecom, agriculture, publishing, environmental services, and interior design. He is the author of nine books on web development.






Donnie Hasseltine, CEO, Packagecloud

Donnie Hasseltine is the Chief Executive Officer of Packagecloud, a unified, developer friendly repository for software artifacts trusted by Fortune 500 companies. Prior to joining Xenon, he served as a U.S. Marine Corps infantry and reconnaissance officer. Donnie is the Information Technology Sector Chief for the Bay Area chapter of InfraGard, a public-private partnership with the FBI to protect U.S. critical infrastructure, and is a Veteran Fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution.


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