APT 1.2.10 backport for Ubuntu Trusty (14.04) and Ubuntu Precise (12.04)

Oct 17, 2016 • packagecloud


We’re excited to announce that we’ve backported APT 1.2.10 to Ubuntu Trusty (14.04) and Ubuntu Precise (12.04)!

This version of APT includes a new feature called Acquire-by-hash which completely eliminates the “Hash sum mismatch” errors. You can read more about this APT feature on our blog.

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Source code and packages

The source code is available in a repository on GitHub: https://github.com/computology/apt-backport.

The packages are available in a repository on packagecloud: https://packagecloud.io/computology/apt-backport.


For Ubuntu 14.04 trusty:

For Ubuntu 12.04 precise:

Be sure to read the README in the package repository for full installation instructions and important tips before getting started.

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