Packagecloud mascot at the helm

Kubernetes is even better with Packagecloud at the Helm

Packagecloud now supports Helm - making it super-easy for you to manage Helm charts and other packages in a single unified repository. 

Empowering you to be more efficient with charts

You can use the Packagecloud platform with your existing DevOps and CI/CD tools to enhance package management.

        1. You will not need any additional configurations from your end. Packagecloud supports the official Helm chart repository specifications

        2. You can use a single repo for Helm charts and other packages. Packagecloud repos support multiple file types.

        3. You will find debugging and roll backs easier. Packagecloud Helm indexes are versioned, making point-in-time manual examination and verification or rollbacks a breeze.

        4. You will always have the latest updates. Packagecloud indexes are continuously updated, with zero user interruption, and frequently pushed charts.


        - A chart repository, as defined by Helm,  is a location where packaged charts can be stored and shared. 

        - You can find the public Helm chart repository at Artifact Hub.

        - Helm  users can create and run their own chart repository.

Technical documentation and how-to content

Find the technical documentation here. But wait, there’s more. Our Engineering team has some gifs you may find useful. 

        - Uploading  Helm charts using the Packagecloud U

        - Uploading  Helm charts using the CLI

        - Installing Helm chart

New package, same old technical awesomeness

Helm chart supports all the technical features why you love Packagecloud. 

     - Consistent repositories - We always use the latest features of package managers and ensure that your repositories are consistent, no matter how frequently they are updated.

     - Searchable indexes - You can search packages by type, distribution, version, architecture, or groups, with simple URL params.

     - Command line automation -  Give your DevOps the agility to easily install, remove, or upgrade single or multiple packages using the command line interface (CLI).

     - Automated index GPG signing - Download and install packages with confidence. All of your repository metadata is signed with a unique GPG key that is generated for every repository.

     - Security-first - Our site only works over HTTPS, so there is no chance of a misconfiguration accidentally exposing your repository or packages over plaintext HTTP.

     - Future-proof connectivity powered by IPv6 - Stay future-ready! All our package repositories and API endpoints are accessible with IPv6.

     - Low-latency downloadsInstalls and downloads at lightning speed via AWS Cloudfront content delivery network (CDN). 

     - Works with your CI tools  - Packagecloud plays well with widely used CI tools such as CircleCI, TravisCI, BuildKite, Github Actions, and Jenkins.

     - Works with your CD tools - Packagecloud plays well with widely used orchestration tools such as Puppet, Chef, Bundler, Leiningen, Maven, SBT, Gradle, Pip, and our two-step install Bash script.

     - Detailed download and installation statistics - Understand how users are consuming your packages, with detailed download and installation information from our Stats API. Statistics for specific packages or entire repositories are at your fingertips any time you want them.

     - Permission-based access - Packagecloud’s parent/child token system allows you to control access for groups of (or individual) hosts with flexible tokens. Share your private repositories with others, securely and easily.

     - Unlimited collaboration  - Your Packagecloud account comes with the option to add multiple collaborators to manage public and private repositories.  

     - Move packages between repositories - Simplify package promotion from staging to production using the packagecloud Promote API with our CI/CD integrations or the Web UI.

Let’s talk Helm! Set up a meeting with Packagecloud Director of Operations, Krish Sivanathan.

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