Man Pages & Cheat Sheets - apt

tags: [ packaging ]

To find packages matching :

apt search

To show information on a package:

apt show

To fetch package list:

apt update

To download and install the updates and (UNLIKE apt-get) install new necessary packages:

apt upgrade

To download and install the updates AND install new necessary packages

AND remove packages that stand in the way of the upgrade - use with caution:

apt dist-upgrade

To perform a full system upgrade:

apt update && apt upgrade # use dist-upgrade carefully if needed

To install package(s):

apt install ...

To uninstall package(s):

apt remove ...

To remove automatically all unused packages:

apt autoremove

To list dependencies of a package:

apt depends ...

To remove packages and delete their config files:

apt purge ...

To list all packages installed:

apt list --installed