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Announcing Maven repository support


packagecloud now fully supports public and private maven2 repositories! Deploy releases and SNAPSHOTs right from your favorite build tool: Maven, Gradle, or Leiningen!


Easy to use

Just like our RPM, Debian, Rubygem and Python support, we automatically infer the necessary metadata right from the JAR package. No manual data entry needed!


Installation instructions

Your customers or colleagues can easily install your private or public repository and artifacts for whichever build system they use using our simple instructions.

Install Instructions


POM and File Browsing


Browse the POM


Browse the Files


Served via Fastly CDN

All your java artifacts and repository metadata are hosted and backed up on Amazon S3 and served via Fastly’s super fast global CDN.


SSL, token-based authentication, and private Maven repositories

packagecloud only supports HTTPS; there is no plain text HTTP support whatsoever.

Access to private repositories is controlled by issuing tokens which are then used by maven, lein, sbt, gradle, etc. to resolve your private artifacts.

To provide more fine grained access control, you can use our API to create and destroy tokens.


Uploading Packages

You can upload your JAR releases and SNAPSHOTS to public and private packagecloud repositories using your favorite build tool, packagecloud CLI, or the API.


Using mvn deploy, lein deploy, or gradle uploadArchives, you can push your JAR releases or SNAPSHOTs directly from your build tool to your packagecloud repository, along with their -sources, and -javadocs, and whatever other classifiers they might have.

NOTE: SNAPSHOT, javadoc, and sources JARs uploads are only supported when pushing from the build tools directly.


From our CLI

You should update to the latest packagecloud CLI, version 0.2.33 (or newer) from RubyGems to upload and delete JAR packages from the command line.

You can upload JAR release packages like this:

$ package_cloud push user/repo/java/maven2 jake-2.3.jar


From the Browser

You can also upload release packages with your web browser by clicking “Add a Package” on your repository page.



While we are excited to launch JAR support, there is still many features on the way. Look forward to “fatjar” and sbt publish support in the following weeks. Feel free to pop into our Slack Room with any questions you might have. Happy Packaging!

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