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Packagecloud CLI gem updated to 0.3.12

Packagecloud has a new gem for you. The CLI package_cloud gem has been updated and version 0.3.12 is now live.

What does the new gem do?

  • Fixes issues for users who registered via social logins (Github, Bitbucket etc.) being prompted to enter a Packagecloud account password at the config file generation step. Users now have the option of entering their API Token instead.
  • Adds advice and links during the config file configuration process for users who wish to manually import the file to their home directory as an alternative.

This is the Packagecloud CLI for uploading Node.js, Debian, RPM, RubyGem, Python, and Java packages to the platform. 


gem 'package_cloud', '~> 0.3.12'


gem install package_cloud

You can find the list of dependencies here.

By the way do you know how many times the Packagecloud CLI gem has been downloaded? 1,570,747 times! The gem is available under the MIT license. 

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