image of a zip file showing a zipper

Packagecloud now supports Zip files

The Packagecloud Engineering team works around the clock to make sure our users have support for all the file types they need. We have now added Zip files support. 

Packagecloud has started supporting raw .zip files, which can be uploaded under the distribution anyfileAs of now, anyfile distribution supports .asc and .zip files.

To push .zip raw files to Packagecloud using the CLI, you will need the latest Gem version, which at the time of writing is 0.3.11. You can find version details in the Packagecloud page of the Ruby docs.

Detailed instructions on how to push .zip files using the CLI are available hereYou can use the Packagecloud graphical user interface as well, which is a simple click and attach process. 

Thank you Wikimedia Commons, for the image!

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