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Packagecloud on-prem v3.0.8 released

Packagecloud has released on-prem v3.0.8.

3.0.8 (Release date: Mar 15, 2023)

Several new distributions were added as part of this release. Here is the complete list.

    • Ubuntu Lunar Lobster 23.04
    • Linux Mint Vera 21.1
    • ElementaryOS Odin 6.0
    • ElementaryOS Jolnir 6.1
    • ElementaryOS Horus 7.0
    • Fedora 37
    • Fedora 38
    • Poky Nanbield 4.3
    • OpenSUSE 15.5

Please find the changelog here.  

Upgrading to the new version

We recommend upgrading your packagecloud:enterprise version at your earliest. Please note, skipping versions may lead to failures in the upgrade process, and leave your system in an inconsistent state.

You can find documentation on how to get the latest edition of the Packagecloud on-prem edition here

Packagecloud:enterprise is completely decoupled from the packagecloud.io website and runs entirely on-premises. These changes do not affect the Packagecloud cloud-based platform. 

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