Packagecloud Wins G2 High Performer Award

Packagecloud Wins G2 High Performer Award


Packagecloud is excited to announce that the hosted software distribution platform has received a G2 High Performer Award. This Packagecloud award confirms that users have access to a terrific solution that helps them maintain software across their IT ecosystems. 


Not every software company can win an award from G2. The Packagecloud award from G2, therefore, means a lot. Does it mean that Packagecloud is the right package distribution platform for your business? Maybe. Learning more about the platform and the G2 High Performer Award will make it easier for you to decide whether you should choose it.


What is G2?

G2 is a website that lets users post reviews of business software. Since its founding in 2012, G2 has become one of the most reputable sources for people who want to learn more about their business software options. 


The typical G2 page includes:

  • An overview of the software, including its main features and history.

  • Prices for the software.

  • Official downloads that teach potential users about the software.

  • Software reviews organized on a one-star to five-star scale.


G2 encourages individual reviewers to give the software a rating and complete sections pertaining to the following feedback:

  • What do you like best?

  • What do you dislike?

  • Recommendations to others considering the product:

  • What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?


The Packagecloud award and other awards mean a lot when they come from G2. Unlike many software review sites, G2 verifies its users, which makes it difficult for companies to post fake reviews. When you read something on G2, you know it comes from a real person with an honest opinion. You never have to worry that a company has paid the website for publicity. All of the reviews only come from verified users, which means all of the High Performer Awards guarantee that software suits the needs of most users. 


Do you need a more reliable way to maintain and update your software repositories? Start a free trial with Packagecloud.


How do companies earn awards from G2?

Companies need to exceed user expectations to earn awards from G2. The website gives software trust badges and awards based on several factors. User reviews, however, play a central role in whether companies get acknowledged by G2. That's why the Packagecloud awardmeans so much. Getting a G2 award says that Packagecloud has excellent features and strong customer service. 


It isn't enough to give users the features that they need. Earning a G2 High Performer Award only happens when businesses and individuals are very happy with everything about the software. 


Pushing packages to Packagecloud has always been easy. Current users already know this. That's why they continue using the platform to maintain their code repositories across diverse IT ecosystems. With the Packagecloud award from G2, more potential clients can see that the platform works well and that they will receive all the services they need to stay ahead of their competitors. 


Packagecloud currently has a 4.8-star rating from its users. You can visit the G2 page to read reviews that tell you what real people like and dislike about Packagecloud. 


What does the Packagecloud award from G2 Mean?

To current Packagecloud, the Packagecloud award from G2 solidifies the knowledge that they have chosen a high-performance platform for maintaining code repositories without investing in expensive infrastructure or relying on public options with questionable security. While the award comes from G2, Packagecloud only received the accolade because of strong user reviews. 


The Packagecloud award means something a little different to businesses that don't already rely on Packagecloud. Some companies have package distribution platforms that do not have the features they want or offer poor customer services. These businesses now know that Packagecloud can help them reach their goals.


Other businesses don't have platforms for managing software. The Packagecloud award tells them that they can trust Packagecloud to help them become more competitive. The award adds to reviews that praise Packagecloud for its open-source software partnerships, intuitive dashboard, CI/CD pipelines, and other features. It also helps direct potential users to critical reviews that tell Packagecloud how to improve its features and services. Whether you want to find a package distribution platform that works better than your current service, or you need to start with a great package distribution solution without wasting time and money with subpar options, you'll know that Packagecloud meets your needs.


You don't have to get a paid subscription to experience the benefits of Packagecloud. Start a free trial today to see why G2 users believe Packagecloud deserves a High Performer Award. 


Discover why Packagecloud deserves a G2 High Performer Award

Packagecloud is a cloud-based service that makes it easy for development teams to distribute software packages to machines and environments. With Packagecloud, you can store all of the packages your organization needs, regardless of the operating systems and programming languages used throughout the IT ecosystem. No matter what devices connect to your network, Packagecloud can distribute updates to them.


Since Packagecloud is a cloud-based service, you don't need to invest in expensive infrastructure. Simply create updates, add them to your repository, and push new code throughout your network.


Start a free trial with Packagecloud to experience how much easier and more secure package distribution works when you use a hosted solution instead of public repositories.

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