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Announcing PyPI repository support


packagecloud now supports Python packages!

You can upload Python source distributions, eggs, and wheels to public and private packagecloud repositories using our CLI or our API.

You should update to the latest packagecloud CLI, version 0.2.28 (or newer) from RubyGems to upload python packages.

Once you’ve uploaded your packages, you can add the repository to your system and install Python packages just as you’d expect with pip install.

Upload Python source distributions, eggs, or wheels

Once you’ve updated to version 0.2.28 of the packagecloud CLI, you can upload Python packages like this:

$ package_cloud push user/repo/python example-1.0.0.whl

You can also upload packages with your web browser by clicking “Add a Package” on your repository page.


SSL, token-based authentication, and private PyPI repositories

packagecloud supports only HTTPS; there is no plain text HTTP support whatsoever.

You can create both public and private repositories for storing Debian, RPM, RubyGem, and Python packages.

Access to repositories is controlled by issuing tokens which are used as the Basic Auth username by apt-get, yum, gem, and pip.

To provide more fine grained access control, you can use our API to create and destroy tokens.



packagecloud now has full support for Python packages! Update to the latest CLI (0.2.28 or newer) and start uploading your Python source distributions, eggs, and wheels today.

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