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Customer testimonial -- Davide Franco, Bacula-Web

Davide Franco is a system and cloud engineer. He works part-time on Bacula-Web OSS project as maintainer, developer and community manager. Bacula-Web provides a lovely dashboard to monitor and create reports for the Bacula backup server.


We asked Mr. Franco what he was using Packagecloud for, the tech stack he was working with, and of course, if he had any advice for fellow DevOps professionals in a rapid fire round of questions. 

This is what he had to say. 

I am using Packagecloud for

building and publishing rpm packages for Bacuka-Web open source project since a while.

The languages/tech stack we are working with...

mostly PHP source code.

The things I like about Packagecloud..

I used to host packages on my own server, but it was hard to maintain and keep it safe and reliable. With Packagecloud, I’ve saved almost 80% of the time I used to spend and it increased a lot my efficiency. Also, I’d like to mention that their support is amazing. 

Any advice for other developers..

Don’t waste your time with “on premise” or other shiny platform, switch to PackageCloud now! 

[Images courtesy: Bacula-Web]

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