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Customer testimonial -- Dmitriy Akulov, Founder, jsDelivr

At Packagecloud, we hope we are exceeding your expectations both as a platform and as a company. Each one of us, no matter what our functional roles are, are responsible for customer success and delivering an outstanding experience to our users. 

Are we doing a good job?

We have started asking our customers what they think. 

This week, we asked Dmitriy Akulov, who is the founder of jsDelivr. JsDelivr is a free content delivery network (CDN) for open source files. The company handles upwards of 200 billion monthly requests, with over seven petabytes of traffic, and counting. Currently, over 12 million websites use jsDelivr.

Let's ask Mr. Akulov what he thinks about Packagecloud.

I like Packagecloud because 

It is super simple to use. Packagecloud has installation scripts for the most popular Linux distributions allowing our users to install our package repos with a single command and completely automate the process.

Use case

JsDelivr is building a new project under the jsDelivr org called Globalping. Globalping is a community-powered network monitoring, debugging and benchmarking tool, that allows users to run networking commands like ping or traceroute from global probes hosted by the community.

We are using Packagecloud for the Globalping CLI distribution. With Packagecloud, we can distribute our software to end users without having to maintain a distribution infrastructure or having to worry about security issues. 

The tech stack we are using

We are using Golang for the app and Goreleaser to package everything.

We are using GitHub Actions as well to upload the final files to Packagecloud.

My advice to you  

Use Goreleaser to save a bunch of time! It can handle everything including Homebrew releases. 

I want to tell Packagecloud

Maybe partner with Goreleaser to make the integration even easier?

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