New Plans and Pricing!

New Plans and Pricing!


We’re excited to announce updated billing for packagecloud!

These changes will allow most customers to upload a lot more packages while paying less money.

Check out our new plans and billing FAQ on our pricing page.

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We’ll be following up with each customer via email to explain how the pricing changes will affect you.


Why is pricing being updated?

packagecloud’s pricing is being updated for a two reasons:

  • packagecloud aims to encourage users uploading their standard operating system packages, or average-sized packages to upload a lot more.
  • At the same time, we want to ensure that users uploading large packages (1gb per individual package or more) are being billed appropriately for their use of the website.


How does this affect existing customers?

Most existing customers can continue to use their existing plans if they like, however, the vast majority of customers will save money by switching to a new plan.

We’ll be following up with customers via email to explain how the updated pricing will affect them.

How do I see my past usage and set billing limits?

You can see your usage and set limits by visiting your usage settings.

You can opt to be notified by email when you’re usage approaches your plan limit. You can also opt to disable your account once you’ve reached a certain dollar amount of overages.


I still have more questions

Check out our new plans and billing FAQ on our pricing page or send us an email: We’re happy to help!

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