Packagecloud now available on DigitalOcean Marketplace

We are excited to announce that Packagecloud is now available on the DigitalOcean Marketplace! Developers using DigitalOcean can access Packagecloud directly from the marketplace, consolidating tools and services for a more streamlined experience.

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How the availability helps developers

By integrating Packagecloud into their workflow on the DigitalOcean Marketplace, developers can enjoy a more seamless, efficient, and secure package management process, ultimately improving their overall software development experience. This one-click installation lets developers easily manage and distribute software packages, while taking advantage of the power and flexibility of DigitalOcean's infrastructure. This not only saves time, but also ensures that packages are always up-to-date and secure.

  1. Easy deployment and integration: Developers can quickly deploy and integrate Packagecloud with their existing DigitalOcean infrastructure, saving time and effort in setting up the software package manager.

  2. Streamlined workflow: The integration enables developers to focus on building applications, while Packagecloud takes care of software package management and distribution, improving productivity and efficiency.

  3. Centralized package management: Developers can manage packages, access controls, and distribution directly within the DigitalOcean platform, simplifying package management and organization.

  4. Scalability and reliability: Developers get seamless scalability and a guarantee of consistent performance as business needs evolve. 

  5. Enhanced security: The integration ensures that software packages are always up-to-date and secure, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities and enhancing the overall security of applications.

Getting started with Packagecloud in the DigitalOcean Marketplace

To get started, you can visit this link that will take you to the Packagecloud page in the DigitalOcean Marketplace. 

You can also navigate to Packagecloud from the DigitalOcean Marketplace itself, by selecting Categories, clicking Add Ons, and searching for Packagecloud in the Search bar. 

We are thrilled to be partnering with DigitalOcean and look forward to helping developers streamline their software package management process with this integration.

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Packagecloud provides a unified, developer-friendly package management platform for software artifacts - written in any language, delivered to any infrastructure. The platform, which incidentally can also be installed on-prem or within your network perimeter, is a best in class software package manager trusted by Fortune 500 companies. If you are not already a Packagecloud user, get your free trial account now! 

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