A pic of the Packagecloud CEO and CTO along with the webinar name

Software artifacts in DevOps: Making packages work for you and your users

Packagecloud just organized a webinar titled Software artifacts in DevOps: Making packages work for you and your users, where Donnie Hasseltine, the Chief Executive Officer of Packagecloud, along with SoonHin Khor, Chief Technology Officer, spoke about all things software package management. 

We present the webinar video here for you. The video is broken into convenient chapters, so you can jump right into the topic that interests you the most!

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:00 Software packages in 60 seconds
  • 03:35 New kind of packages (Containers!)
  • 04:01 What do packages have in common
  • 04:10 What is a package manager
  • 05:06 Is this for me
  • 06:28 Where is it super-critical to use package management
  • 09:38 Real world use cases of software package management
  • 12:05 What about free repositories
  • 16:07 To buy or to build
  • 24:22 How to choose a software repository
  • 28:03 Common issues using repositories
  • 33:06 Custom domains
  • 34:47 Managing the software package lifecyle
  • 36:54 Packagecloud demo
  • 52:05 Security and compliance: The software supply chain
  • 53:38 Attacking the software supply chain
  • 54:52 Packagecloud security and compliance
  • 55:59 Thank you

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