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Customer testimonial -- Carles Xavier Munyoz Baldó, Soltecsis

Carles Xavier Munyoz Baldó, CEO and founder of Soltecsis talks about their Open Source application FWCloud, and how the company is using Packagecloud as a repository to store packages that make up the web application. 

What is FWCloud?

FWCloud is an application that allows centralized and secure management of Linux-based firewalls from anywhere, anytime and with any device. The application lets users create FWClouds.

FWClouds are logical groups of firewalls, firewall clusters, IP objects, VPN connections, etc. You can use a FWCloud for each one of your clients, or to group all your company headquarters firewalls. FWCloud can be installed on-prem as well. 

FWCloud is an OpenSource project under the GNU Affero General Public License v3. It is our contribution to the OpenSource community, from which we’ve taken so much and to which we have so much to thank.

We come up with the idea of FWCloud at SOLTECSIS, the technology solutions company I founded. We were looking for a way to speed up the administration of Linux-based firewalls.

Prior to having a functional version of FWCloud, we relied on Firewall Builder to manage our clients' firewalls. Although a useful tool, it had its limitations. It was discontinued in mid-2013, designed as a desktop application which posed challenges for remote access. Additionally, it lacked features we required, such as VPN connection management.

Due to these factors, we resolved to develop a new tool for managing Linux-based firewalls, incorporating the latest technologies. We wanted a web interface that offered the essential features we needed, like VPN connection management, QoS, routing, and more. Thus, FWCloud came into existence.

Our primary aim is for FWCloud to become a standard in Linux-based firewall management. Presently, all users employing the solution are extremely satisfied with its performance.

How are you using Packagecloud?

We are using Packagecloud as a repository for store the packages of all the modules that build up FWCloud.

Packagecloud helped us simplify the package repository creation and the FWCloud installation procedure tremendously!

We love how simple and easy to use Packagecloud is. Just compare it with some of the other solutions currently available! 

We also got stellar references for Packagecloud from other projects using it, like Crowdsec.

(Images courtesy: FWCloud, Soltecsis)

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