Packagecloud loves OSS

Packagecloud loves OSS


After our most recent partnership with StackStorm, we wanted to highlight some of our other OSS partnerships and Packagecloud's commitment to the open-source community.


Open-source software drives innovation, creativity, and global collaboration, something we at Packagecloud are proud and excited to be a part of.


Are you looking for a solution to distribute your packages without worrying about scaling, consistency, or security? Packagecloud is a cloud-based service that stores and delivers your packages no matter the OS or programming language. Sign up for a free Packagecloud trial today!


The Importance of Open-Source Software

True innovators and creators who want to make the world a better place believe in the concept of sharing knowledge and open-source licensing. Most of the internet runs on Linux and Apache, which are both open source technologies that have allowed countless startups to build some of the biggest businesses in the world today! 


At Packagecloud, we love the OSS concept and its global community of contributors and innovators. Packagecloud offers a Free for Open Source program to show our support for open-source software where organizations and individuals can host their packages for free. You can find out more about our Free for Open Source program and how to sign up at the end of this article.


5 OSS Packagecloud Partnerships

Here are five Packagecloud partnerships that support the OSS community.



AlloyCI is a continuous integration, deployment, and delivery coordinator that uses the GitLab CI Runner, and its capabilities as executor to prepare and run your pipelines.


AlloyCI lets you:

  • See the status of your projects.
  • Follow each pipeline individually, allowing you to see which commit it relates to, its status, duration, and which user pushed the commits.
  • See all of the jobs that comprise a pipeline, and know immediately how each is running.
  • Follow a job's output in real-time, get a detailed description of what happened, and download any artifacts that the job produced.
  • Get an overview of how your builds have performed for your projects with concise graphs.


AlloyCI is open source, AGPLv3 licensed, distributed under the MIT license. Packagecloud host's the DEB and RPM AlloyCI Runner packages under our Free for Open Source program.



LibTom Projects is a collection of open-source libraries written in portable C under a permissive license, some of which date back to the early 2000s. 


The libraries support a variety of cryptographic and algebraic primitives designed to enable developers and students to pursue the field of cryptography much more efficiently.


Packagecloud hosts the Debian packages for LibTomMath and TomsFastMath.

  • LibTomMath: a free, open-source portable number theoretic multiple-precision integer library written entirely in C. The library is designed to provide a simple to work with API that provides fairly efficient routines that build out of the box without configuration.
  • TomsFastMath: a fast public domain, open-source, large integer arithmetic library written in portable ISO C. It is a port of LibTomMath with optional support for inline assembler multipliers.



Phalcon is a full-stack PHP framework delivered as a C-extension. The self-proclaimed "fastest PHP framework ever built" exposes as PHP classes and interfaces under the Phalcon namespace ready to use without developers needing to know C.


Phalcon operates as a nonprofit organization that creates open-sourced software solutions for web developers. Packagecloud provides the Phalcon community with an easy way to install and upgrade Phalcon with the package manager of their choice.


Packagecloud manages millions of packages for companies like GitLab, Heroku, Zendesk, Helium, IBM, and Shopify. Keep all of your packages with complete control over your package environment.


Sign up for a free trial to distribute packages securely throughout your organization with Packagecloud!


Go Lift

Go Lift is a collection of language code libraries to optimize applications. Packagecloud hosts all of Go Lift's DEB and RPM packages for their Linux users.


Some of Go Lift's popular apps include:

  • Motifini: This allows you to send messages via iMessage using with an API call. It also integrates with ffmpeg to capture videos from SecuritySpy.
  • Notifiarr: The unified client for The client enables content requests from Media Bot in your Discord Server. It also provides reports for Plex usage and system health.
  • Unpackerr: Extracts downloads for Radarr, Sonarr, Lidarr, Readarr - Deletes extracted files after import.



StackStorm has been a Packacloud client since 2015. In early 2021, StackStorm transferred to the Linux Foundation, which meant converting private code to open-source and integrating it into the project's core. 


Packagecloud agreed to deliver the deb/rpm packages under our Free for Open Source program. A significant advantage to StackStorm is that they didn't have to switch platforms or provide a new repository URL.


We can stick with the original as a deb/rpm repository frontline. With 4.5k Github stars and many years being an industry leader in event-driven automation, the project gained significant adoption and trust from the enterprises. And so stability is something users expect from us.Eugen Cusmaunsa, Engineer & Maintainer at StackStorm


Join Packagecloud's Free for Open Source Program

Do you have an open-source project? Need fast, reliable, and secure hosting for your packages? Packagecloud lets you host all of your packages in a single repo, no matter the OS or programming language.


Here's how to sign up to our Free for Open Source program:

  1. Sign up for a free 14-day Packagecloud trial.
  2. Contact us to request Packagecloud's Free for OpenSource program.


Packagecloud Enterprise

Packagecloud also provides private repository solutions for clients worldwide. Every plan includes:

  • Unlimited Repositories
  • Fastly CDN Support
  • Unlimited Packages
  • Stats API
  • End-to-End SSL
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • Advanced Authentication
  • Built-in CI/CD support
  • GPG Signatures


Never worry about the scaling, consistency, or security of your packages again. Try Packagecloud for free to experience the ease and efficiency of distributing packages throughout your entire organization securely.

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