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Streamlining software distribution with Packagecloud: Allthenticate's story

Allthenticate is a cybersecurity startup revolutionizing authentication and access control, to create a passwordless and keyless world. The Houston, Texas-based company offers B2B authentication solutions for both computers and web-based services, and provides sophisticated smartphone-based access-control hardware for physical doors. Allthenticate has received funding from several investors and is recognized for its innovative approach to cybersecurity - to say it in their own words - for revolutionizing authentication and making security ridiculously simple.

Bernie Conrad is the lead software engineer at Allthenticate.  Mr. Conrad stumbled upon the world of computer science while taking an entry-level Python course at a local community college in fourth grade; using his knowledge to make programs to pseudo-fairly assign chores at home and help with math homework.

At Allthenticate, Mr. Conrad leads the development of the company's desktop passwordless software, and a high-performance platform-agnostic Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) framework called ABle (in Alpha on PyPi).

We asked Mr. Conrad about his experience with Packagecloud. This is what he had to say.

How we are using Packagecloud


We utilize Package Cloud as a Debian repository for our Passwordless Linux Authentication software and Keyless Smart Door Firmware. We stumbled upon Packagecloud coincidentally while exploring ways to manage the distribution of our software. While referencing Gitlab's for distributing some of their software, I discovered that Packagecloud was the provider and was instantly sold.

Our core software primarily consists of C++ and Rust native code for our authentication plugins and a custom Bluetooth framework with a Python wrapper that we're migrating to Rust.

The thing I like most about Packagecloud is its helpful team that made the onboarding process seamless for us. Krish (Krishanth Sivanathan is the Director of Operations for Packagecloud.) and his team frequently touch base to ensure we are satisfied, which is crucial for us as a small startup. 

Furthermore, the time and effort Packagecloud saves me, as the lead software engineer, in managing our apt repo with all the required maintenance cannot be measured. 

My one suggestion to Packagecloud is to extend support to additional types of packages, such as Mac and Windows software. Currently, we utilize S3 for versioning and distribution, and it would be convenient to centralize all our distribution to Packagecloud. 

For other developers, I suggest using Packagecloud as early as possible, allowing you to focus on developing high-quality software and leaving the distribution of it to the professionals. 

A little about us


I am the Lead Software Engineer at Allthenticate, and our product replaces keys and passwords with a single authentication app that uses public/private key cryptography to authenticate every aspect of one's life. Whether it is accessing one's Gmail, logging into their computer, or entering their front door, our technology streamlines all these interactions while increasing their security.

Editor's note: We reached out to Allthenticate for a customer testimonial, and were immediately hooked! Imagine a future where we do not need to create or remember a zillion passwords. A world where there is no danger of passwords getting stolen, because there are no passwords in the first place! 

At Packagecloud we are deeply grateful and happy to be able to support Allthenticate as they disrupt the security world. Thank you Mr. Conrad, and Allthenticate!

[Images courtesy: Allthenticate]

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