Posts about Packagecloud-howto

  • Pushing packages to packagecloud

    This blog post details all ways you can push packages to packagecloud using different languages and platforms.

  • APT and YUM repository mirroring made easy

    Mirror your APT and YUM repositories We’ve added a Mirroring tab to repository pages to make it super easy to mirror your YUM and APT repositories on packagecloud! Step by step directions and configuration data have been added so you don’t need to hunt down information from mailing lists or read perl source to...

  • Pruning packages using the API

    Since releasing the Packages & Versions API, several customers have used it prune packages in their repository, automatically yanking old packages as new ones are uploaded. This blog post will show an example of how to implement pruning yourself, using Ruby. Requirements To follow along, you’ll need a account, an API Token, and...