Here's to you, 2022!

2022 has been all about you, users and customers. We had a tremendously successful year, and it was only possible because of your continued support and encouragement. Thank you! As we close the year, we want to wish each one of you and your family members a joyous holiday season and a very happy new year ahead! 

Things we did in 2022 to make you more successful

From Support to Sales, Marketing to Ops, each Packagecloud team member is responsible for customer success. Packagecloud engineers constantly work toward adding functionality and integrations that make the platform more valuable. Here is a quick recap of some of the things we are proud and happy to have accomplished for our users this year.

A winner many times over

We have been a consistent category leader this year. We won multiple G2 awards, several of them for multiple quarters -- High Performer, Best Support, Best Relationship, High Performer, Easiest Admin, Easiest to Use, Easiest Setup, Best estimated RoI. We were the clear leaders in the G2 Momentum Graph as well as the G2 Relationship Index for Winter. Please check out the G2 page for Packagecloud for user reviews and more details!

Helm chart support comes to Packagecloud

We made it super-easy for you to manage Helm charts and other packages in a single unified repository. (Read more.)

Packagecloud Enterprise

We added new distributions to the Packagecloud Enterprise edition; including Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, Oracle Linux 9, Fedora 36, and OpenSUSE Leap 15.4. (Read more.)

Packagecloud supports Zip files

We started supporting raw .zip files, which you can upload under anyfile. Anyfile distribution supports .asc and .zip files. (Read more.)

And Maven Metadata

Packagecloud started offering support for maven-metadata.xml, with the capability to generate these files for you. (Read more.)

Webinars, videos, blog posts

We started a Webinar series this year, and launched the Packagecloud channel on YouTube. The Packagecloud Blog brought in hundreds of thousands of readers from around the world, with content specifically designed to enable our users to be even better at what they do. (Our blog has been boasting upward of 32,000 active users a month lately.)

SSO & GitHub log in 

To make it easier for our users to log in to their Packagecloud Dashboard, we started supporting single sign on (SSO) from this year. You can also log in to Packagecloud with your GitHub account. 

Packing features into lower costs

We announced a lower pricing panel for users. All the plans include unlimited CI/CD minutes, and you can add any number of collaborators you like, without any cap on the number of users or time.  (Read more.)

Growing the team

Can you believe we have been doing all this business without any sales or marketing functionalities! We have a new head of Sales now, as well as a director of Marketing. 

1000+ more reasons 

Our Slack community crossed 1,000 members this year, and we are welcoming members every week. The community provides a treasure trove of information from existing Packagecloud users, and is a great place to ask questions or get support. 

Coming up next... 

2023 is going to be a good year! We can not wait to spend it with you. 

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